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Broadland Agricultural Water Abstractors Group

Chairman: Anthony Seaman

Treasurer: Nick Deane

Email Communication: Christopher Deane (NFU)

Committee & Observers: Anthony Seaman, Jamie Lockhart, Tim Place, Nick Deane, Kelly Hewson-Fisher, Tim Papworth, William Sands, Steve Lawley, Jamie Harrison, Tony Bambridge, John Newton, Andrew Peal, Christopher Deane, Louis Baugh, Gavin Paterson, Toby Mermagen & Mark Murray

Membership & Technical Advisor: Steve Moncaster

BAWAG is an association of 170 agricultural and horticultural abstractors based around Norfolk Broads in East Anglia. BAWAG was formed in 1997 in response to the 1994 Habitat Directive. BAWAG represents abstractors interests in North Norfolk CAMS and Broadland CAMS.

BAWAG acts as a forum for discussion of sustainable agricultural water management, it encourages its members to both have a greater involvement in water policy and to strive for wise and sustainable use of water resources.


Monday July 18 2022 Membership & Committee meeting at Back to the Garden, Holt CANCELLED. New date to be rescheduled for September 2022 [15/07/22]
DRY WEATHER NOTICE ISSUED BY THE EA FOR THE ANGLIAN REGION. Today (July 15 2022) the EA issued a dry weather notice indicating the risk of Section 57 restrictions on surface water spray irrigators in the Deben, Colne and Stour catchments in Essex. It was noted that due to the long-term rain forecast, other catchments in East Anglia may be subject to similar pressure. We will keep you posted on any developments. SEE EA PAGE FOR DETAILS [15/07/22]
The 2022/23 Annual Subscription notices have been issued. If you have any queries about the invoice totals or our program for the year please let us know. You can contact us using this address: smoncaster@bawag.co.uk [20/06/22]

Funding of BAWAG

Funded by subscription.  Rates based on the number of cubic meters of licenced abstraction quantity.

2007 Water Efficiency Awards

BAWAG won the "Inspiring Change" category at a presentation held at the Energy Clinic on 6th March 2007.

Water Audits/efficiency

BAWAG encouages members to conduct water audits to show efficiency. Courses are run regularly to ensure managers and staff remain efficient water users.