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Second Reading Debate – House of Lords

The Second Reading debate took place on 27 January. This debate was the House of Lords’ first opportunity to debate the key principles and main purpose of the Bill; you can read the transcript in Lords Hansard.

House Lords Timetable

·       Committee stage, which comprises a line by line examination of the Bill, is scheduled for the 4, 6 and 11 February.

·       The dates of Report and Third Reading are not confirmed. 

Water Bill Briefing Notes

A new note - Water Bill: Codes for agreements with water companies has been published. The new note explains the different types of codes introduced in the Water Bill and how these may be used to deliver reform in the new water and sewerage markets


Ø  Details of the Bill and Explanatory Note as well as the Parliamentary debates is available from Parliament UK

Ø  The briefing notes that provide information about the areas covered by the Water Bill are available from Gov.UK

Ø  There is also a specific web page for the Water Bill on Gov.UK


Nicholas Grayston

Water Bill