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Shaping a new agricultural policy for Irrigators.
A discussion event for NFU members who use water to produce food or who let land with access to water.
Speakers: Jerry Knox (Cranfield)
Steve moncaster (Anglia Water)
Paul Hammett (NFU) Guy Smith (NFU)
Friday 8 December 2017 11am - 2pm at the NFU Regional Office Newmarket. Please book your place with the Regional office on 01638672100 or
Please see the flyer in the Newsletter section.
Entry added: 17 Nov 2017
An opportunity to share your views on water efficiency and resilience in field vegetable cropping-----------------
Cranfield University are leading an international project with partners from South Africa, the UEA, Oxford and NIAB-EMR to identify ways to make the UK’s fresh fruit and vegetable system more resilient to water-related risks. They have mapped water scarcity ‘hotspots’ in the UK’s fresh fruit and vegetable supply (including imports and domestic produce), revealing the great advantage of consuming domestically grown produce in terms of reducing our national water scarcity footprint. This will have important implications for supporting access to water for irrigated production in Eastern England. Their research is now seeking to interview a small number of growers involved in potato and field vegetable production in the region to hear their views on how water management could be improved through adoption of new technologies or management practices and how strategies for increasing water efficiency are impacting on the resilience of their own farming business. If you are interested in learning more about the project or would be happy to participate in a short informal interview, please get in touch with Dr Chloe Sutcliffe at Any support for this will be much appreciated and will feed into the water strategy being developed for the Anglian region.
Entry added: 17 Oct 2017
Water abstraction lie costs farm business £5,500.See the full article in the Abstraction Reform section on the left.
Entry added: 22 Jul 2017
There is a lot of interesting information available in the latest BAWAG newsletter available to download from the Newsletters section on the left!
Entry added: 26 Mar 2017
Please check out two recent reports done by Cranfield for Anglia Water and WRE (Water Resources East) in the UKIA Information tab on the left. One is on quantifying baseline demand, and the other summary notes from a workshop we held in Feb looking forward and trying to identify drivers of change and impacts of socio econ change on agriculture in anglian region - there's some interesting info in this report.
Entry added: 16 Mar 2017
Please check which water body your abstraction comes out of by going onto the Environment Agency's website and looking for "what's in my backyard" or copy the link below:
Entry added: 09 Dec 2016
The latest newsletter is available in the section on the left!
Entry added: 08 Dec 2016
Timetable for Catfield Fen Appeal

Tuesday 19th April 10.00am 5pm Hydrology Opening statements,Barentdegt
Wednesday 20th April 9.30am 5pm Hydrology Grout, Carey, Lewis
Thursday 21st April Site Visit
Friday 22nd April 9.00 am 5pm Hydrology Gilvear, Bradley,Dodds
Tuesday 26th April 9.00 am 5pm Public Patel, Davis, Starling
Wednesday 27th April 9.00 am 5pm Water quality Dodds
Thursday 28th April 9.00 am 5pm Water quality Mason
Friday 29th April 9.00 am 5pm Ecology Fojt
Tuesday 3rd May 1pm 5pm Ecology Painter
Wednesday 4th May 9.00am 5pm IROPI Collison
Thursday 5th May 9.00am 5pm Harris, Alston
Friday 6th May 9.00am 5pm Closing statements
Entry added: 22 Apr 2016
The latest Newsletter has been uploaded on the Newsletter section there is a lot of useful and important information in it so please take the time to read it thoroughly.
Entry added: 15 Apr 2016
The AGM was held today at Honingham Thorpe with two excellent Speakers Jenny Bashford form AHDB Potatoes and Paul Hammett from the NFU a full report will be posted later. Please could members update their licence information using the form available in the Newsletters page and there is lots of other useful information there as well!
Entry added: 16 Feb 2016
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